T.A. Mathieu Construction

Patrick Mathieu of  T.A. Mathieu Construction has been in the metro area since 1996; a mechanical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech in 2000, he worked for a large corporation as an executive leader in engineering. He was responsible for almost a billion dollars annually in industrial global projects and products, working with the largest energy companies on the globe. The discipline and experience of large regulated construction in an industrial environment helped him craft his approach to more structured residential construction.


In 2009 he started new home construction, and in 2014 went to work with a highly reputable builder in Buckhead Atlanta to expand his residential construction experience. For the past 5 years he has done custom and spec homes at the upper end of  the real estate market, and prides himself on not being a track builder, but rather specializes in custom properties. His approach to construction is well planned, crafted and scheduled born from the rigors of industrial construction and offers modern and transitional design styling seen in town. His team of carpenters, framers, masons and tilers average 20+ years in the industry, and are some of the best in the metro area. He plans on continuing to build both spec and custom homes in Governors Towne Club utilizing some of the best architects around like Bill Harrison Designs, Embry Design Group, TS Adams Studio and more. Feel free to schedule a discussion or visit his website for more information at www.tamathieu.com